Our Chairman’s Speech

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,

Sincere and heartfelt greetings,

With great pleasure and honor, I introduce to you AlMehwar Orthopedics and Specialized Surgery Hospital (AlMehwar OSSH). AlMehwar OSSH is more than a hospital rather it is an entity which possesses all the requirements for success and transcendence, in a period that is seeing major changes in society and its structures.

AlMehwar OSSH aims to reach the pinnacle of excellence in Egypt and the region, through deliberate commitment to a number of differentiating principles, which will, God willing, distinguish us from the rest.

We believe in forming an intellectually and morally cohesive medical team with the highest human and material standards. We will provide a safe and equipped environment to lead to the provision of superior medical care.

Our management team is dedicated to selecting the most qualified team components; be it surgeons, physicians, nurses, technicians; and to retaining them and further improving their capabilities, and caring for their material and psychological wellbeing, all this will inevitably lead to the provision of superior medical care to our patients and will positively affect the hospital and its team members.

AlMehwar OSSH intends to provide superior medical services to its patients by following the most advanced patient care systems worldwide in a welcoming atmosphere. Our hospital understands the need of the community for a medical institution offering suitable services scientifically, technically and morally. Our hospital promises to be worthy of this trust and to be the beacon of medicine, treatment and surgery in Egypt and the region.

AlMehwar OSSH guarantees this through a hospital management which listens, comprehends and implements the most advanced management systems and implements the strictest management systems which separates management from ownership. The hospital also understands its role in providing trustworthy medical care to all tiers of society with all its standards and components.

AlMehwar OSSH also believes that one of its major roles is to support science and teaching and the active assistance in spreading and developing science and research. The hospital fully comprehends the importance of partnership as well as local, regional and international relationships which will be beneficial to all parties.

In addition to all points already mentioned, there are many advanced steps and ideas which will ensure that AlMehwar Orthopedics and Specialized Surgery Hospital reaches the prestigious status it aims for. In conclusion, I am honored to invite you to join and support us to achieve success God willing.

Please accept my highest respect appreciation and love

Professor Doctor Hazem Abdelazeem

Chairman of the Board

AlMehwar Orthopedics and Specialized Surgery Hospital

Our Chairman’s Speech