Within the framework of the role of AlMehwar Hospital in supporting Egyptian sports, Dr. Ashraf Sobhy, Minister of Youth and Sports, witnessed the signing of a medical care contract for Egypt’s sports champions, with AlMehwar Hospital, to sponsor Egypt’s delegation participating in the Paris 2024 Olympics, as the first medical sponsor in Egypt’s history in the Olympic Games.

The signing of the sponsorship contract was witnessed by Eng. Yasser Idris, President of the Egyptian Olympic Committee, and on the part of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Major General Ihab Bashir, Permanent Undersecretary, Dr. Ashraf Muharram, Managing Director of AlMehwar Hospital, and Dr. Hazem Abdel Azeem, Chairman of the Hospital’s Board of Directors, representatives of AlMehwar Hospital, along with a group of medical, sports and media men in Egypt.

In video –  watch the full report of the signing 

For his part, Ashraf Muharram, Managing Director of AlMehwar Hospital, stressed that the care of sports heroes is an important beginning with the Foundation’s global capabilities in Egypt and will save the state and athletes the trouble of traveling and the large costs of treatment abroad, as it is the first institution in Egypt specialized in sports injuries.

He pointed out that the institution is characterized by the subspecialty of various orthopedic specialties and other surgeries, which allows the development of integrated plans for treatment, and has 9 operating rooms equipped with the latest technologies that allow performing the most complex surgeries.

Dr. Hazem Abdel Azeem, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AlMehwar Hospital, expressed his happiness with the presence of the hospital as a sponsor of the Olympic mission, pointing out that the Foundation will provide all its capabilities to serve athletes, explaining that it has the ability to provide everything athletes need with quality no less than abroad through professors in all disciplines, as well as owning 9 operating rooms equipped with the latest technologies, which allow performing the most complex surgeries with high accuracy and treating more than one case at the same time, in addition to the presence of the latest integrated center for the treatment and rehabilitation of athletes and the injured.

In his speech, the Minister of Youth and Sports welcomed the attendees, expressing his happiness to cooperate with a major medical institution like AlMehwar Hospital and celebrate the sponsorship of the Olympic mission, which is part of the new model for Egyptian sports in light of the methodology, scientific application, and community participation witnessed by the New Republic.

He thanked the Olympic Committee for its success in overcoming a number of challenges in a short period of time and emerging in a different light under the fair cooperation between the Ministry, the Olympic Committee, and the sports federations until we reached the participation of the largest mission in the history of Egypt in the Olympics after the qualification of 149 players in 21 different sports.

Dr. Ashraf Sobhy added: “Cooperation with medical institutions is intended to preserve athletes and speed their rehabilitation and return to play quickly, and we have a vision to develop sports medicine in Egypt through cooperation with the private sector with its size and weight of professors specialized doctors in this field.”

He continued: “Sports facilities have increased significantly in Egypt and sports have become a way of life and every home has an ambition to participate and compete, so the role of medical institutions in sports facilities is important and vital, and cooperation today is a very important beginning that differs from before.”

For his part, Eng. Yasser Idris, President of the Egyptian Olympic Committee, thanked and appreciated Dr. Ashraf Sobhy, Minister of Youth and Sports, the first supporter and main supporter of the Olympic Committee, expressing his happiness in cooperating with AlMehwar Hospital for its great capabilities and unparalleled expertise and will be a strong addition to Egypt’s Olympic mission.


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